"Specializing in Residential Remodeling"


Company History

Having actually started my career in the construction industry in 1977, my neighbors across the street when i was a kid had a drywall company, they would drive me to the jobsite, buy me lunch and pay me cash to scrap out projects so they could focus on  finishing  the drywall prosess.  After a while i was being schooled in the fine art of hanging drywall, and then the taping and finishing process of drywall.  It didn't take long to realize that this picture never changes.  I was more interested in the structure itself and the why was that done that way and not the other side of structural framing.

Soon ,during high school i was framing houses with a friend in the summer time and things just took off from there.  Started framing multi family townhomes for Rottlund Homes, 8- 10- and 12 unit buildings, and the new construction ring just kept growing outward tward the suburbs.  Soon after that remodeling projects proved to be numerous and much closer to home and the company was formed.

The original company name was Halet Building and Remodeling Inc. but after a while it was found out that people thought we were more focused on the new construction process, and while we are able to design and complete new homes, remodeling has been what we were focused on. 

So in 2003 we changed our name to Halet Remodeling & Renovations Inc. to really emphasize what we do which IS Remodeling.  This has been a great decision as our customer base was looking for the remodeler first.

Since then we have added a Handyman division and more recently  Halets Energy Efficency Remodeling division which is focusing on pinpointing energy loss with the use of Thermal Imaging technology where we can go in and do a complete audit of your home and know exactly where energy loss occuring, then going to that exact spot and correcting the problem.  Click the Thermal Imaging tab on the Home page of this website for more information.

Having the ability to go back and look at a project after it is complete and find the areas where things were taking too long quickly revaled that kitchen cabinetry was a hugh sticking point, trim pieces missing or not quite right and having to re order extras and the long lead times to actually get them was killing us.  asking the kitchen designers why something wasn't ordered, there was never a good reason.  It ment we had to pack up and then return to complete a very simple process, this cost us lots of extra time.  So in 2008 I was able to complete my product and sales traning from Dura Supreme and Holiday cabinetry and i am now able design order and install a complete kitchen remodel , or any aspect of a project that requires cabinetry.  Looking back at all the original delays in cabinetry projects it became obvious there was never a case where a designer had ever installed a kitchen project, so not being able to anticipate the detail of a complicated piece of a project became clear.

Since doing this we are now able to sleep at night knowing what is going to arrive with the cabinet order, and this has kept the install time on target as well as the whole project.  Every company has to evolve to stay competitive and this change has resulted in very happy customers.  So if you have a project that requires cabinetry, we will make an appointment with you at our show room in New Brighton, Mn where you can have the individual attention necessary to make selections.

Having the ability to keep more of the big pieces of the project in house keeps the flow of a project consistant, one phone call can answere many questions quickly, and this is why our customers choose Halet Remodeling & Renovations Inc.